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Columbia Retreat comprises a series of habitable elements—carefully designed to provide moments of pause, creativity, gathering, and respite around an original 1930's home. 


A masonry wall surrounds the property and is planted with native desert species.  In turns, the wall offers privacy, seating, and visual breaks.  Within the limits of the wall are two buildings:  a new open-air dining pavilion and a remodeled adobe garage (which now serves as a weaving studio). Plaster is applied to the two long studio walls, while the rear wall expresses its original adobe construct. Cedar shelves hold colorful fiber (and protect it from critters!).


Interventions at the main house are minimal.  Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves provide an opportunity to display collected artifacts and art.  A generous pine-and-steel dining table and benches will Thanksgivings to come. 

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